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Who We Are

Our instructors are Certified Instructors by the NRA in Home Firearms Safety, Basic Pistol and Refused To Be a Victim. In addition to that, we have years of law enforcement experience, with many of those serving on a regional SWAT team. Instructors have and continue to serve as firearms instructors, certified by the Massachusetts Municipal Police Training Committee.

Our Instructors take the knowledge gained from the NRA, and combine it with their law enforcement background to create a unique classroom experience. That has an emphasis on ensuring the students leave with not only the knowledge necessary to obtain their LTC in Massachusetts, but that they have a basic understanding of how firearms work, through a hands on portion that is geared towards those with little to no firearms experience.

The Brotherhood

Over the years, from the start of Reaper Tactical to the new beginnings of Thin Line Defense all of our instructors share the same passion of firearms training and passing our knowledge onto our students! 


After loosing Mike Lee in 2017 Mike Shaw jumped in to carry on Mike's passion for training and bring his extensive knowledge and expertise to the classroom. Due to work and family obligations Mike Shaw has taken a step back. I am forever grateful for his friendship and pushing me towards the future. As life changes we must adapt and overcome! 

Mike, Mike, and Josh were more than just coworkers, they were best friends. Thin Line Defense will continue the way Mike Lee would have wanted, and we know that he is with us every day. Always remembered, never forgotten.  LEFTY, RIGHTY and The Commander! 

                                                         - Joshua Collins 

                                                            Lead Firearms Instructor 

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  What We Offer

Basic Firearms Safety Class

This is the necessary class to obtain your LTC in Massachusetts. This is taught with a combination of lecture, group discussion, and hands on exercises. 
In Home Instruction


We offer in home instruction as well. Whether it be one on one, or with a small group.Email us for more information and how we can help you. 

Firearms Instruction

We can offer you unique, individual coaching to hone basic skills, or we can tailor a program more for your interests, whether they be for home defense, or are more tactical in nature.
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Previous Classes

28 Town Forest Road

Webster, MA 01570


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